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DC Hotspot Friend-Link Help

What DC Hotspot Friend-Link?
DC Hotspot Friend-Link is an online first-degree friendship building social network that helps connect people for dating and/or friendship purposes using our advanced online software, which is strategically built for this purpose.

How does DC Hotspot Friend-Link works?
Here at DC Hotspot Friend-Link, we allow you as a member to create a personalized private networking community where you can network through friends, family, their friends etc… worldwide using a set of specialized tools developed specially for this purpose.

How can I use DC Hotspot Friend-Link?
Using DC Hotspot Friend-Link is easy! You just have to create a quick profile and add your friends to a personalized and private networking community just for you. By doing this you will be able to see your friends, the friends of your friends as well.
Our tools allow you to browse and search through all of the people connected to you through your network of friends and you can view their photos, profiles, contact and see how you are connected to them. As a member you will be able to invite friends, ask for introductions, send messages, or suggest possible matches between people.

Is DC Hotspot Friend-Link for dating purposes only?
No! DC Hotspot Friend-Link is a special social network that allows you to make friends, which can also lead to dating. You can meet other couples, parents or just someone to hang out with. It is a special type of social network that suits all types of social networking.

I am not single. Should I use DC Hotspot Friend-Link?
Why not! DC Hotspot Friend-Link is a unique social environment that allows you to just make friends, or to help any of your single friends meet one or more people.

What is the difference between DC Hotspot Friend-Link and any other online dating service?
There is a big difference! DC Hotspot Friend-Link is based on total networking through friends, while the traditional dating services online today are based on scanning through numerous anonymous registered member profiles. DC Hotspot Friend-Link allows you to see only those in your personalized network and you can send or receive messages to and from those people connected to people you are interested in or are interested in you. Using our specialized tools you can contact them directly or ask your friends to make the initial introduction for you.

As a member of DC Hotspot Friend-Link, how many people can I meet?
As a member of DC Hotspot Friend-Link you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people. However this will depend on how you and your friends use DC Hotspot Friend-Link. The possibilities are unlimited with us. You can meet thousands! Any new friend added by your friend or by you can result in hundreds of other friends.

How much does it cost to use DC Hotspot Friend-Link?
DC Hotspot Friend-Link will always be free. We will never charge you.

Who do I contact for technical support ?
DC Hotspot Friend-Link will respond to all technical requests via email. Please contact:

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